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  • Ahmed El-Masry
    2016-06-14 12:29:31
    ماشاء الله حلو جداا اصوات يخشع لها القلوب .. و كمان فك more
  • Kaleem Ahmed
    2016-06-13 15:50:12
    Jazakallah Khair , I appreciate your thinking and work .
  • Nada
    2016-06-13 00:05:19
    I needed a wake up call and although I see this website a lot I never opened it and I'm glad I more
  • Ahmed
    2016-06-10 03:53:46
    I felt like my soul is cleaned
  • Reem
    2016-06-01 00:23:11
    How peaceful did I felt... I am not emotional at all but I really cried... ❤
  • Aleksander
    2016-05-30 19:57:21
    It feels as if the sound goes through my veins and bones. I never felt something like that befo more
  • sara
    2016-05-29 05:27:28
    I feel comfortable like am baby .. When I am hear quarn I forget every problems I have and smil more
  • joudy khaled
    2016-05-27 20:49:56
    amazing the words are technically amazing
  • Dalia
    2016-05-27 11:43:34
    Most beautiful thing I've heard and will ever hear.
  • adeel
    2016-05-26 10:54:43
    outstanding, wonderful, gorgeous; beautiful and soothing
  • Iman
    2016-05-25 23:35:45
    like i would want to recite it in the same way inshaa Allah :)
  • Shafkat Pervaiz
    2016-05-25 14:02:29
    Went straight to the Heart !
  • Maria edward
    2016-05-23 16:21:49
    I can't understand but I feel fine , good ,awesome I want more ,,what is this??
  • taghreede tarek
    2016-05-22 22:18:18
    thanks allah i am a muslim.. listening to quran give me inner peace give postive energy nd whe more
  • Evita
    2016-05-15 15:45:25
    First of all I felt I am abroad. Like I am travelling somewhere in the middle east.. and it was more
  • Mesi
    2016-05-14 16:53:17
    So first of all: I'm a christian, but I can be very open to other aspects of theology, other cu more
  • Kareem
    2016-05-14 09:32:53
    I felt so relieved its like a words from heaven that is talking to the heart the feeling that a more
  • m_ayman
    2016-05-12 17:13:04
    I am a muslim elhamdulellah. It feels very comforting. I should be listening more.
  • Noelle
    2016-05-12 04:51:48
    This was great
  • Alaa.Mohamed
    2016-05-11 22:47:37
    I am a Muslim when I listen to the Quran my heart show reverence to God