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  • Manal
    2016-07-30 12:49:51
    جميييييل ماشاء الله تبارك خشوع وراحة وسكينة اللهم ا more
  • Hosein
    2016-07-23 02:16:52
    The best thing I listen until know S.the make me easy to problems Some special feeling in
  • Noura Lawrence
    2016-06-29 05:48:41
    Happiness. Makes me feel like someone new. Makes me happy to be Muslim. I feel like I can be wh more
  • Ahmed Harfoush
    2016-06-24 20:11:26
    ماشاء الله هدوء فظيع قلبي ينفطر من الخشوع وعيني تدمع more
  • peter
    2016-06-24 13:32:02
    I want to cry , really what is this . I couldn't understand the words but I am melting inside more
  • Mai Muhammad
    2016-06-24 13:07:33
    ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله .. اللهم اجعل القران الكر more
  • Mahmoud nasr
    2016-06-24 11:59:35
    So beautiful .. deep and peaceful
  • Ahmed
    2016-06-24 11:19:18
    It's a great idea and surprised me when listening this aya
  • may
    2016-06-23 16:35:51
    soft voice and relax, i listen many times. just want to ask the name of this guy?
  • menna aboelkhee
    2016-06-23 15:37:55
    ما شاء الله .. اللهم اعز الاسلام و المسلمين و اهدنا جم more
  • Giovanna Silva
    2016-06-23 08:33:00
    Was amazing, I love the Arabic songs... I felt a great peace.. Allah bless you all
  • maryam
    2016-06-22 01:31:44
    جعل قلبى يركع عشقا وخشوعا . . . يالروعه الصوت
  • John Anthonyn
    2016-06-21 22:25:09
    It is very calming and peaceful . Beautiful , but I would have enjoyed more if I knew the meani more
  • Taylor
    2016-06-19 03:40:55
    It makes me feel calm and at ease. I have goosebumps
  • YusefElsayed
    2016-06-18 16:55:36
    it's real deep to my heart .. it just make my day .. thank you very much :)
  • stuart morton
    2016-06-17 22:47:23
    I don't understand a word of it, but the sound was beautiful
  • Nasser
    2016-06-16 22:02:28
    عمل جميل جدا وشكرا لكل من قام بة ، لكن لو يتم إضافة تر more
    2016-06-16 13:19:32
    Great Experience. It must have translation as well in English Langugage.
  • Yousuf
    2016-06-16 08:38:26
    It's really a good idea, appreciate your effort, Jazakallah o Khair
  • mahmoud Ahmed moharram
    2016-06-14 21:24:44
    Nice idea and nice work I feel peace Thanks for this site