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2016-05-15 15:45:25
First of all I felt I am abroad. Like I am travelling somewhere in the middle east.. and it was a good feeling, he has an amazing voice but on the other hand I had this unpleasant fear kind of thing raising inside me. I am an open person, I think everyone has good in them, and everyone's right to believe in what they'd like to. We have to love each other! So I am really afraid of the aggressive side of religions. And of course as an European I know nothing difference because I don't have neither the education about it nor (good) information about it from media (only bad), and nowadays terrorism isn't help this case at all.

What others said

  • salima
    Mashallah, wonderful reading Can i have all tbe quran please
  • a woman
    I like it too much . It give me comfort and happiness
  • Hanaa Shalaby
    الطمأنينة والسكينة ...
  • Ahmad
    Wonderful heart touching
  • ايمان
    بارك الله فيكم. وجعله في ميزان حسناتكم
  • lofty mohammedain Ibrahim Mohammed
    I'm so happy